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Dear Editor,

I don’t think I want to provide any of my own comments here because the pictures below should be enough to tell a million tales in a million different languages. After all these photos were taken in the driveway of Azalina’s own house.

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Let it be known that I am not the one who took the pictures I received them via email from people who want me to distribute them as widely as possible so that the whole of Malaysia knows something about this woman that they otherwise mightn’t have.

I am aware that the cars in these images are from Azalina’s personal collection. Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, SmartCar, Land Rover, (Toyota) Alphard are seen here in these images but I know there are even more cars although I do not know where she has kept them.

Image Hosted by

I’m told that there are still others stored elsewhere as well. So the question is where on earth did Azalina get the money to buy not just one but so many such cars? I guess you don’t have to be an expert to figure out how much they are all worth let alone those we have not seen because they are in storage. Go figure this one out.

Check out the registration numbers of some of the cars here such as WLV-3. When did Azalina become a federal minister? When did she become a minister of tourism? When was WLV-3 registered? Put these together and find out for yourself.

Image Hosted by

Apparently Azalina has this to say in her defence:

“I did not rob the people of their money! I did not cheat my fellow Malays!”

Well if that’s the case, where did she get the money? Is a federal minister this well paid? Does she carry any other day jobs? Can we check our income tax? Has she fully declared all her possessions?

Image Hosted by

Azalina, we’re not idiots. You might think so but that’s only your typical BN-type arrogance. Wait till we get our claws on you. Wait till we retain the powers of the courts, the power of the police, the power of the law and the power to dump you and all your cronies in labour camps.

Azalina, we will get you. The people have made the promise.

You are a dead little duck.


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Posted by di 15 Disember 2009 in POLITIK


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